February 2015 was a time of transition in my life and I needed a means of making additional income as I began a new career as a middle school teacher and as a Chaplain in the Army Reserve. Hesitantly, I made the decision to start my Ambit Energy Business. That decision has been a greater blessing to me and my family than I could have ever imagined. With the help of other leaders in the business and my team, I was able to quickly promote to Regional Consultant and Fast Track to both Senior Consultant and Executive Consultant. This business has not only been a financial blessing with Weekly Bonuses, Monthly Residual Income, and Free Energy; but has also enabled me to grow personally, develop new friendships, and strengthen old ones. It has been fun and rewarding to grow a business with other like-minded individuals. It is also a great joy to help others start and succeed in their business. That's why I have developed Ambit F5: Friends and Family Fighting for Financial Freedom.

If you are looking for an additional stream of income, choosing to become a Consultant with Ambit Energy could very well be the perfect option for you. Please take a few minutes to watch the opportunity videos on our Ambit Energy Business Opportunity page and text me at 877-942-6248 if you would like to schedule a time to speak. I would be honored to partner with you and help you get your own Ambit Business Going and Growing. Or, if you are simply wanting to save money on your monthly energy bill - maybe even get Free Energy - I would love to help you understand our rates and plans and help you enroll as an Ambit Energy Customer.

For the latest updates and happenings with the Ambit Energy Businss and our Ambit Team, visit my Ambit Blog.

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