Ambit Consultant Blog 2019

Happenings and Updates from EC David Peacock

September 1, 2019: Ambition Promtions

Ambition 2019 was a great sucess. We were able to hear from Vistra and TXU Energy executives as they spoke of their encouraging vision for Ambit Energy moving into the future. Vistra is a combination of two words: Vision and Tradition. And now, as a member of the Vistra Family of businesses, Vision for the Future and Tradition of the past characterize Ambit Energy. Ambit Energy also has created 8 new videos to help consultants grow their businesses. Check them out at

And of course, the promotions following Ambition rock! We are calling it Classics Chrome & Cash! Each new consultant who enrolls between August 31st and September 27th is eligible for a Double/Triple Bonus. New Consultants will receive a double bonus with 6 customer points (4 customers and 2 points for their website) - that's a $200 bonus. Even better, new consultants will receive a triple bonus with 8 customer points (6 customers and 2 points for their website) - that's $300. Don't stop there, though. A new consultant can get an additional $100 bonus with 2 more customers because they will then trigger their JumpStart 2 bonus. That's a total of $400! New conultants can quadruple their $100 investment to start their Ambit Business with their first 8 customers.

The bonuses are even better for those of us Ambit Consultants who attended Ambition. Ambition attendees are eligible for Triple/Quadruple bonues. We will get a triple bonus when we help our new Ambit consultants get their first 6 customer points (4 customers and 2 points for their website). A triple bonus means $300 for an MC, $465 for an RC, $705 for an SC, and $945 for an EC. But the money doesn't stop there! When our new consultants get 8 customer points (6 customers and 2 points for their website), our bonus gets bumped up to a quadruple. That's $400 for an MC, $610 for an RC, $940 for an SC, and $1260 for an EC.

These promtions last until September 27th - let's get to work growing our Ambit Energy Businesses!

August 21, 2019: Letter from Jere regarding Ambit being purchased by Vistra Energy

Dear Consultants,

Today, Ambit Energy announced an agreement to be purchased by Vistra Energy. Vistra is the parent company of TXU and is based here in the Dallas area.

This is exciting news and exceptional timing. The electricity marketplace has been changing rapidly in Texas and across the country, and we believe the greatest opportunities in the future will be for companies who have both retail and generation assets. Ambit will soon become a valuable part of Vistra, one of the largest integrated power providers in the United States. This means more stability and more opportunities for our Consultant family.

During our first meeting with Vistra executives, Chris and I were pleased to hear them say how much they liked our direct sales channel and how much they wanted to see it grow. We want you to hear this message for yourselves and encourage you to attend AMBITION 2019. Top executives from Vistra will be there, and you will have opportunities to hear directly from them about how excited they are for you to become aligned with their great company.

More information will be coming your way in the weeks and months to come. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at AMBITION.

Thanks again for everything you do,


August 17, 2019: Ambit Energy Senior Consultant Kevin Hendrix

Kevin Hendrix started his Ambit Energy Business in March 28, 2019. He is finding great success in the business as he quickly promoted to Regional Consultant then Fast-traced to Senior Consultant, promoting to that level in his Ambit Business on July 8, 2019! Next stop, Fast Track Executive Consultant.

August 10, 2019: Double Bonus for Ambition Registrants and New Consultants

Everyone’s a Winner with Double Bonuses! We’re moving full speed ahead toward AMBITION 2019 and helping you finish ahead with the chance to earn extra funds to offset your AMBITION expenses. AMBITION Sprint lets you earn Double Bonuses when all triggered Customers are in Texas. You earn a Double Bonus on Jump Start 1, Team Builder Bonus and CLB for any new MC who: • Joins your organization between August 10 and 30, 2019. • Enrolls at least six Texas Customer points in 28 days. Two points can be from his/her website. • Must be registered for AMBITION 2019 prior to triggering bonuses.

Are you are ready to start your own home business by becoming an Ambit Energy Consultant?

August 7, 2019: Ambition is Coming!

Hey Ambit Consultants! Mark your calendar for Ambition 2019. It is right around the corner. AMBITION 2019 is going to be one of the best ever, with an incredible selection of speakers, amazing trainings, awesome giveaways, memorable testimonials, fun activities and much, much more. So make your plans now to join us at AMBITION and Get Centered!

The dates are Wednesday, August 28 to Saturday, August 31 in Dallas, Texas. You will not want to miss the opportunity to be inspired and gather tools and connections that will help you grow your Ambit Energy Business. Until Friday, August 9th, triple bonuses are available for everyone who is already registered. I have a great feeling that the bonuses for those who attend will be even better! If you have not regestered yet, register now at